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Youth Center Project

Grand-Goâve Youth Center Project

Grand-Goâve is a beautiful coastal city about 25 to 30 miles south of Port-au-Prince, with an estimated youth population of approximately 5,000 (children below the age of 18 years).   With all its beauty, Grand-Goâve lacks most basic services such as banks, libraries, movie theaters, parks, and community centers.


Haiti Cherie's goal is to construct a center for the youth of Grand-Goâve.  The youth center will serve not only as a recreational site, but an educational institution by offering programs that will help the youth develop aspirations for the future, enhance education, and provide opportunities for career exploration.  In addition to the activities, the center will have a library, a computer lab, a music room, and an outdoor recreation area.


The Grand-Goâve Youth Center will be the avenue by which children will learn about and connect with other parts of Haiti and the world.  As you can see from the pictures below, the land has already been acquired.  We need your assistance to bring the project to fruition.  You can get us closer to our goal by making a donation today!



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